Europe Trip Pt 2! Florence, Siena & Pisa

Part 2 of the Europe Trip is here! I had to go through all my pictures to remember what we saw on what days because we were just on the go the next three days. Monday was a traveling day. My brother and I took a train from Switzerland to Milan to meet my parents then to Florence.

Our Airbnb was the cutest Italian apartment! It also hid Jewish refugees during World War II. There was a ladder in the kitchen where a small door led to a hidden passageway for Jewish refugees to escape the Nazis. We also had a preserved fresco from the Medici time period (16th-18th century) in the hallway!

"Europe Trip Pt 2! Florence, Siena & Pisa" A Cup of Tee"Europe Trip Pt 2! Florence, Siena & Pisa" A Cup of TeeFlorence is beautiful. It holds this historical beauty in its buildings and streets that is indescribable. I was looking forward to Florence the most out of the whole trip because I love history and learning about how life was back in the day.

We got to Florence at night so we watched the sunset at Piazzale Michelangelo right before dinner. My brother showed me one of the best gelaterias and best believe I had it every day. I am proud of my extra 5 pounds I gained from that gelato! #noregrets Venchi gelateria, you have my heart and my tummy!Processed with VSCO with s3 presetMonday we went to Siena, a small beautiful typical Tuscan city. You know those pictures you see of women hanging their clothes out of the window? I saw those everywhere in Siena and it made my heart so happy."Europe Trip Pt 2! Florence, Siena & Pisa" A Cup of TeeIMG_0219"Europe Trip Pt 2! Florence, Siena & Pisa" A Cup of Tee"Europe Trip Pt 2! Florence, Siena & Pisa" A Cup of Teefullsizeoutput_ae7fullsizeoutput_b29One of the coolest facts I learned was that they used to hold horse races in Piazza del Campo. To maintain the tradition, Siena holds a semiannual horse race where the neighboring cities have their best rider and horse compete to win the title! I looked up pictures online and I can tell the energy at this event is insane! I would love to see one of these horse races in person.fullsizeoutput_b4fIMG_7912I am obsessed with old churches. The architecture, the paintings, the craftsmanship of the pews and statues, I love it all. I wish we still put that much effort into the small intricate details of our houses and buildings. My favorite church we saw the whole trip was the Duomo di Siena or the Siena Cathedral. Breathtaking is an understatement. One second you’re walking down a normal street and the next you’re in front of one of the most intricate and ethereal churches you will ever lay your eyes on."Europe Trip Pt 2! Florence, Siena & Pisa" A Cup of Tee"Europe Trip Pt 2! Florence, Siena & Pisa" A Cup of Tee"Europe Trip Pt 2! Florence, Siena & Pisa" A Cup of TeeIMG_7974IMG_7982IMG_7985Next day was Pisa! Sadly the most exciting thing about Pisa is the Leaning Tower and the surrounding buildings. Oh, and their wifi which they call WiPi… get it?! (haha). Considering we probably won’t be back in Pisa for a while, my whole family had to take the cheesy holding up the leaning tower picture. Another building I suggest visiting is the Camposanto Monumentale. Coffins and headstones had murals of roman mythology on them and if you’re religious there were bones from saints."Europe Trip Pt 2! Florence, Siena & Pisa" A Cup of TeeIMG_0417"Europe Trip Pt 2! Florence, Siena & Pisa" A Cup of Teefullsizeoutput_ae9fullsizeoutput_b23"Europe Trip Pt 2! Florence, Siena & Pisa" A Cup of Teefullsizeoutput_addWednesday and Thursday were our Florence days. I became so intrigued by the Medici family that I bought an overpriced book on the Medici family from Palazzo Vecchio (yolo!). We went to Palazzo Vecchio which was their old home and it was a history lover’s dream. Each room had artifacts from the family member that lived in that room, and there were wall to wall murals in each room, and preserved clothes from other family members. One of my favorite places we visited. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize what format my camera was in and all these pictures are in the wrong format and I can’t upload them ):

We also visited the Uffizzi Gallery which I was super stoked about but it ended up being one of my least favorite museums. I’m not much of a fine art person so I got disinterested after about the 100th painting. Seeing the Birth of Venus painting was the highlight for me. It was very beautiful and surprisingly still brightly colored."Europe Trip Pt 2! Florence, Siena & Pisa" A Cup of TeeNext was the Boboli Gardens. Another home for the Medici family. This place was massive. Now I know what people did back then when there was no TV or internet. Walk around your big garden all day. I saw pictures of the gardens online and it looked very Alice in Wonderland-esque, but in person it was just a massive garden. It didn’t help that I was wearing a black jumpsuit and there was that dusty gravel everywhere. My brother and I walked around for about 30 minutes and we decided that we’d seen enough.IMG_1035fullsizeoutput_a8dThe Galleria del Costume, a fashion museum, was also at Boboli Gardens. My kind of museum! This museum displayed women’s clothing including some the Medici women and other notable members of society throughout the centuries. These pieces were beautiful! I could’ve stayed all day in here reading about each woman and when they wore their outfit and to what occasion. Ugh, it was amazing.fullsizeoutput_a7a"Europe Trip Pt 2! Florence, Siena & Pisa" A Cup of Teefullsizeoutput_b46Friday was a traveling day back to Switzerland for one last big family dinner. Saturday, I flew back home while my parents stayed another week and flew back the following weekend. I know this post was much overdo, but I’m currently working on a post on all the delicious foods we ate during our trip. Foodies, get ready!


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