The Best Time of the Year

Disneyland at Christmas

My boyfriend and I just came back from a quick 4 day trip to LA. We went to Disneyland and visited with family and friends. We’ve never been to LA during the winter so it was a new experience for us!

When my boyfriend and I are together, we eat… A LOT. Every vacation we eat real well through the whole trip. We LOVE food.

The first day we tried Baohaus by Eddie Huang. We both have been a fan of his books and shows on Viceland, so when we heard his restaurant was opening in LA we had to try it. We each got the Fried Fish Bao and the Chairman Bao (pork) and taro fries. Taro fries sound weird but definitely try them. My favorite was the Fried Fish Bao. The fried fish combined with the lemon cabbage slaw, Haus Tartar sauce, and the cilantro… my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Fried Fish Bao from Baohaus
Fried Fish Bao from Baohaus
 Fried Fish Bao, Chairman Bao, and Taro Fries
Fried Fish Bao, Chairman Bao, and Taro Fries from Baohaus

For dinner, we ate at Cubed at The District in Irvine. Such a cute shopping area with many stores and places to eat. I got the Cali Bowl with garlic ponzu sauce instead of ginger wasabi and the bf got the Kupa Bowl. Kind of expensive for poki BUT the fish was high quality and fresh. I also really liked that the fish was well, cubed haha As much as I love poke, I dont like when the pieces of fish are cut too big. At Cubed, the fish was cut perfectly.

Cali Bowl and Kupa Bowl
Cali Bowl and Kupa Bowl from Cubed

Friday was Disneyland day! We have never been to Disneyland during Christmas time and Tower of Terror (my favorite ride) is closing next month so Disneyland was a must. It was colder than usual aka low 60’s (not that cold for non Socal people) and surprisingly the park wasn’t that busy.

Gumbo, La Salade de Maison, and Chicken Muffuletta Sandwich from Cafe Orleans

Every time I go to Disneyland, I HAVE to eat at Cafe Orleans. They have a bommmb gumbo that has never failed me. I got a bowl of gumbo and a mixed salad with raspberry vinaigrette. My boyfriend got the chicken muffuletta sandwich.

We also got beignets and a mint julep but ate those too fast to take a picture… Sorry…

Later in the day, we got stuck on Pirates of Caribbean for 15 minutes. It doesn’t sound too long, but when you’re sitting in the same scene of the ride for 15 minutes IT IS THE LONGEST 15 MINUTES EVERRRR. In the end, it was all good because we got 2 fast passes to any Disneyland ride. We went to Haunted Mansion to use our fast passes and their little handheld scanner didn’t work but the Disney employee let us go in anyway. We ended up riding Big Thunder Mountain which I definitely recommended riding at night because it’s a completely different experience.

Adidas Pure Boost X Atr

I got these shoes at the beginning of the month and have only worn them occasionally to break them in. The true test was a whole day at Disneyland! These shoes are incredibly comfortable. I’ll have to do a separate post about them because I have never worn a pair of shoes that felt like I was walking on a cloud. By the end of the day, aka a 17 hour Disney day (7:30 am-12 am), my feet did not hurt. Pretty impressive, Adidas.

Saturday we met up with one my high school friends that I always try to make time to see when I’m in LA. You know those friends you don’t see all the time, but when you do your heart just feels so happy? Yeah, that’s her. And both of our boyfriends have developed an intense bromance haha

Pokemix by Flour + Tea in Pasadena

When my friend and I meet up, we accidentally started a tradition to try a new poke place together. We tried Pokemix by Flour + Tea and it was pretty good, but I still liked Cubed better. Portions were good size, but they gave too much rice in my opinion. They had a delicious Mango Black Tea though and gave a lot of boba! My faaavvee

That was basically our trip! It was so nice to celebrate a belated Christmas with my boyfriend. He’ll be out of the country for a month at Christmas so we decided to celebrate now. We also celebrated both of us graduating college and his birthday in the same trip. Aka any excuse to go to Disneyland!

Hope you enjoyed this post basically just about food!

♡ Kristina



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