Happy Halloween! | Last Minute Costume

img_2670Belated Happy Halloween! This year I decided to be a strawberry!

The beginning of October I wanted to be Maleficent because I found so many ideas on that costume on Pinterest. Then I wanted to be a ninja because I watched Iron Monkey recently (if you haven’t watched it and like martial arts movies definitely a must watch!) and have just always wanted to be a ninja since I was little. I think I was getting too DIY crazy with that costume and I was cutting it close in time so that also didn’t work out. Maybe two weeks before Halloween, I found this strawberry costume on Pinterest and I swear a lightbulb went off and I just KNEW this was going to be my costume this year.

The total cost for this costume including craft materials was under $20! It is possible, my friends. I bought the red dress for $12 from Forever 21. I actually really like this dress so I ended up taping the felt seeds on instead of hot gluing it on. I bought the green cardstock and white felt from Michaels all for about $8 (I ended up buying too much so I need to go return all the extras).


When it comes to carving my pumpkins, I usually free hand my pumpkins with a felt tip pen instead of printing out a stencil. So, here they are! I drew them and my boyfriend carved them out for me.

I made my costume the night before Halloween while also carving my pumpkins AND cooking lumpia for the potluck at work. Sometimes I work better doing more than one thing at once. I did have some help from my boyfriend and dad. Teamwork makes the dream work! I ended up going to bed by 1:30 which is my usual bed time so GO ME!

I hope you all had a great Halloween!




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