College Graduate


My last few weeks as a college student was a little stressful balancing final group projects, presentations, moving out, and finishing up my internship. In the end, it was all worth it.

My graduation ceremony was amazing and we were all fortunate to have good weather the whole entire day. I am so proud of myself that I graduated in four years with a degree in Business Marketing and I have two internships under my belt. Go me!

Even though my graduation was supposed to celebrate me, the graduate, it also celebrates my mom and my dad. I tear up every time I think of my parents and what they mean to me because they have given up so much and have worked so hard to get our family where it is today. There are not enough words to accurately describe how grateful, appreciative, and blessed I am to have the parents that I have. As an immigrant from a third world country and a first generation Chinese-American, they have worked selflessly to achieve the quintessential American Dream for their children and themselves. Because of their determination, my brother and I both have college degrees and graduated debt free, (something uncommon to my fellow Millennials). I also have to give credit to my grandparents as well. All four of them are just as inspiring, hard working, determined, and selfless as my parents. I hope to instill these same characteristics in my future children.

Next up on my to-do list is my graduation party, birthday (I’m feeling 22!), and then my long awaited month long trip to Europe for some quality family time!

♡ Kristina


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