Almost an Adult Pt. 2

I have two months left of college…Almost a full fledged adult..Shit. How am I supposed to live with no summer breaks, winter breaks, and spring breaks?!

I am a little excited to be done with school though. I’m proud of what I accomplished in these four year, and I think I could be ready for a full time job. But, first is my vacation to Europe for A.WHOLE.MONTH!!!! Next up on my to-do list when I come home is to find my dream job and become AMAAAZING! I don’t know what company I’ll end up with or where, but I know that I want to like the company, appreciate their company values, and I want to be happy.

So far in my last semester, I’m taking 15 units and have an amazing internship. I’m learning so much in my internship that it’s encouraging me to look forward to the future opportunities to use all the skills I’m currently developing. There really is the right job for you out there. You just need to take the time to look. 

I blogging and/or Youtube a real shot, and share my thoughts and adventures with the world. It’s been something I’ve always wanted to do, but have been too shy to do it. We’ll see.

Cheers to the final two months of my academic career!



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