My Role Model 

I have always looked up to my brother. I started playing the piano because of him. Playing video games because of him. Listening to rap and hip hop because of him. I wanted to be just like him in every way possible. He was the coolest person in the world.

I admire my brother’s courage to follow his dreams no matter where they took him. Even if that meant leaving me behind. I never resented or felt angry towards him for that. I knew this what he needed to do to be happy for himself. I hope I can find the same courage within myself to follow my dreams and to not let anyone stop me.

I admire how hard my brother works to provide for his family. Just like my parents, my brother has an amazing work ethic. He works very hard for not only himself but for his wife and two girls. He is very selfless and makes sure that all three of them have everything they ever need and want.

I admire my brother for improving our relationship. My brother and I are eleven years apart. Basically a whole generation apart. When he left home and followed his dreams, I was left behind and grew up alone with no older brother to help guide me through life. It wasn’t until high school that he really tried to re-build a relationship with his little sister who wasn’t so little anymore. I am very happy to have a stronger relationship with my older brother. Regardless of our past, I love him dearly and couldn’t be more proud of the person he is and what he has accomplished. I look up to him.

My brother is my role model.


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